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We do not guarantee that we will take on a case. We may be unable to do so because of a conflict between you and another client. We may decline for any reason.

Until we accept the case, the special solicitor-client duties and rights of confidentiality do not apply. If the information would be useful to an existing legal client, it would be our duty to use it. Otherwise, you may expect the confidentiality of any reputable business-person, even if we do not accept the case.

The security of any information, is not guaranteed whatsoever while in transit to us. The security rests upon our Internet Provider (and your's), and the security protocol they will use to communicate. However, please be sure that the prefix "https" is part of the address (URL) you used to get to this site, and not the usual "http". If not, then amend the URL and re-load it.

In any event, the retainer is normally not complete until there is a deposit or security for fees. This is not necessary for certain types of files. Eventually, our pages will be able to help you calculate the proper amount. We will contact you and arrange the details of completing the retainer.


Although further contact will probably be necessary to complete the retainer, we do offer a $10.00 reduction for retaining us on-line.

You may wish to review the area of law which concerns you and the fees for that area. For that purpose, you may go through our home page or our map of sites.

Please complete and submit the identification form for yourself. If there are other parties we should know about, please submit the identification form for them too.

Then email us with the following information, but note that if your matter is a real estate matter, we have a page especially for real estate retainers which you should use.

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